Sunday, 14 September 2014


We woke up for Day 3...our London Tourist Day. First to Piccadily Circus... take A LOT OF pictures ;)

Then on to some souvenir shopping...

...and nipping off for a really good latte...

...onto the 50 year old Routemaster bus (the only one still running in London)... Tower Bridge...

..and then back down the river on the Thames River Bus.

We went for Fish and Chips for lunch

...and took some more pictures with a lovely little, old lady!!

On to the pub!!

...where we did some arm-wrestling.

The best milk shake in the world (maybe??)

Everyone went to Fortnum and Mason to buy jam!!...

...and on to Buckingham Palace...

...where everyone went inside for the Palace Tour (and the Queen was at home!)

We took a black Adidas bus...

..all the way home.
A wonderful day !

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